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A marriage annulment is a judicial ruling (nullity) that the marriage never existed. Getting an marriage annulment (also known as a marital annulment) is considerably more difficult to have ruled than a divorce because one must prove grounds for annulment and in most cases present proof and witnesses. All issues surrounding child and spousal support, property settlement and parenting must be resolved and be included in the agreement. Grounds for an annulment accepted in Illinois include:

  • One person can not have more than one spouse
  • Same-sex marriages are prohibited
  • Consanguinity is also a lawful Illinois annulment ground (marrying a close relative: father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt), or
  • Marriages of children who are under 17 years of a age without the consent of parents

[Based on Illinois Code Sections 5/212, 5/301, 5/302, 5/303]

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