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One must petition the court for a marriage annulment much like you would for a divorce or legal separation. Kentucky divorce laws require that one must prove grounds for an annulment in order for one to be granted. There are specific grounds that Kentucky recognized that permit a decree of annulment. They include:

  • Fraud & Duress – If you married your spouse under some threat or duress
  • Mental illness – If your spouse has some mental illness
  • Bigamy – If your spouse was already married at the time s/he married you and
  • Underage marriage – enter into a marriage before the age of 16 without the consent of parents
  • Incest (consanguinity) – the marital relationship between parent and child, stepchild; grandparent and grandchild; aunt and nephew; uncle and niece etc.

The annulment process carries with it a greater burden to prove to the court that a marriage should be voided with an annulment.

[Kentucky Statutes – Title 35 – Chapters: 391.100; 402.010-.030, 070; 403.120]

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