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Annulment in Nevada

Find out who qualifies for an annulment by calling and speaking with an attorney

A marriage annulment is a court’s declaration that the marriage never existed or it is void. It is a legal process to nullify a marriage. Receiving an annulment in this state requires one to petition the proper county court that the marriage should be void, nullified and annulled due to specific conditions (grounds). To get an annulment, one has to prove any of the following grounds:

  • Fraud – If you have been cheated or tricked into a marriage, you can file for annulment according to Nevada annulment laws
  • Consanguinity – The term consanguinity refers to ‘related by blood’. A marriage between too-close blood relations like, father & daughter, mother & son, sister & brother, uncle & niece or aunt & nephew etc. is forbidden, and one can petition for annulment
  • Bigamy – if your spouse was married when they married you, is bigamy and according to Nevada annulment laws, it is a valid annulment ground
  • Underage Marriage – one or both marrying before the age of majority is grounds for annulment
  • Insanity – If your spouse is insane or has a mental illness, and had such at the time of the marriage, you can petition for an annulment in Nevada
You may file for annulment in Nevada if you were married in this state or you have lived here for at least 6 weeks. If you file and your spouse does not respond to the complaint, you can ask the court to declare a default and grant the annulment.  An individual may file for annulment in any county in the state.

[Nevada Statutes 125.290 – 360]

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