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Like a divorce, an annulment is a court Marriage annulmentprocedure that dissolves a marriage. But, unlike a divorce, an annulment treats the marriage as though it never happened. Like other states, Rhode Island makes the annulment process difficult, in an effort to discourage those who are not determined to have an annulment declared for the marriage. Grounds for annulment are:

  • Misrepresentation or fraud is grounds for annulment. For example, if a spouse lied about her capacity to have children, that she had reached the age of consent, or that she was not married to someone else, an annulment could be granted
  • Concealment – If a spouse concealed an addiction to drugs or alcohol a felony conviction, children from a prior relationship, a sexually transmitted disease, or impotency, an annulment might be granted
  • Unable or unwilling to consummate the marriage
  • Misunderstanding – An example might be that one spouse wanted children and the other did not. Any of the above are grounds for annulment

[General Laws of Rhode Island – Title 15 , Chapter 15-5-16, 15-5-16.2 15-5-22]

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