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In the normal course of separation and divorce involving minor children Mediate your divorcedecisions must be made in order to care for the minors from the marriage. Mediation is a process that is designed to assist parents who cannot reach agreements about how they will separate their lives. Mediation focuses on four areas:

  • Developing a Parenting Plan, determining the time spent with each parent
  • Distribution of marital property – home, bank, brokerage and retirement accounts, etc.
  • Child Support within the guidelines of state law
  • Any alimony that may need to be paid
finger pointing rightHaving an on-line Parenting Plan will give your ex no wiggle room to interfere with scheduled activities, since you will allow online access and s/he can check it when there’s an urge to change things at the last minute. This puppy is worth its weight in gold. See our Parenting Plans page. You can inform the ex that if you put an activity on the schedule, it ain’t changing without discussion. Your kids can view it too and get a greater sense of stability and security.

[Tennessee Code – Volume 6A, Title 36, Sections 36-4-126 and 36-4-130]

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