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Divorce Recovery Suite

Dad and daughterRecovery from divorce will depend on two sets of variables: Conditions you cannot control and behavior that you can control. The degree to which you heal and the time it takes getting there are determined by you understanding your options and acting on the ones that help you most.

You will decide either to have a lawyer represent you, or you will represent yourself. Representing yourself is known as Pro Per or Pro Se. In many cases, a divorce that involves children and/or significant assets will require a lawyer's assistance unless you both are on good terms with each other and can agree on everything.

Should you decide to be represented, you will need to select an attorney that is suitable for your needs. You can ask friends or family, or search for a local divorce lawyer yourself.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce - Getting It Started - Begin with the right forms

Beginning the divorce can be rather trying. Knowing the process, which divorce forms to use and having detailed instructions gives you the momentum to carry you through. Where do you get the forms? Which forms do you need to acquire and how do you fill out the forms? If you have completed the forms, what do you do with them? Some states make divorce forms available by download. Other states have instructions. In some cases you can pick up forms from your local courthouse.

For those weighed down with the enormity of the divorce process, who cannot determine which forms they need, don't want to pour over forms for weeks, or may not want to travel in order to pick up forms, we make available several processes that aid the individual in getting the paperwork completed and ready for filing with the court.

Divorce Recovery SuiteOption #1 Download the forms and instructions and complete them yourself

From the comfort of your home, you can download divorce forms with instructions and complete them, save them to your computer and print as many copies as you wish. To get started, download divorce forms now.

Smart Legal FormsOption #2 Use a service that completes divorce forms FOR you Good Job!

If you have ever needed a no brainer to complete a task, this is it. Many people entering a divorce for the first time find accumulating and completing the right forms for their situation a daunting task. They find themselves asking: Why can't I just be told which forms are needed and get instructions on how to complete them? No typing into on-line forms. This service asks you a series of questions, and based on your answers, provides the correct forms. It even guarantees your forms will be accepted by the court! The software then walks you through a series of questions and, using your answers, enters them into your divorce forms. You are done! Print, sign and file your divorce!

Variables that apply to every divorce

U.S. mapThe state you live in

Each state has its own set of marriage-ending laws that govern divorce, separation, annulment, child support and child custody, alimony (spousal support), grounds for divorce, residency requirements, visitation and marriage settlement.

men and womenGender

All states have specific language in their laws that prohibit courts from any preferential treatment of one gender over another. However, in cases where child custody is concerned, courts generally place children with the Mothers far more often than the Father. In recent years, courts are awarding primary custody to Fathers more frequently. Some observers claim that in contested custody cases women are awarded custody more than 80% of the time, and in uncontested cases that number is 70+%.

scalesDivorce with or without children

Divorcing couples without children tend to have an easier time of it for the obvious reasons. Settling custody, visitation and child support can be the most contentious element of divorce, and can be the primary issue that drives up legal fees and delays the final decree. Your divorce journey will include the stages of divorce we all go through.

book learnin'Education

Someone that has experiences looking for answers or consuming information, like getting a degree, makes them more likely to search for and consume information on divorce. However, no matter what background you have, if you do your homework, research laws in your state and employ tools such as online parenting plans or child custody strategies, you will increase the likelihood that you will fare better than those not seeking much information. This isn't blowing smoke. We know. Use tools to build the new "house" you'll live in as a single person. In general, your peace of mind will be determined by the degree to which you understand the process. We curate as much information as possible to help you in that regard.

shockSocial safety net

Individuals with friends, family or those that get professional help tend to fare better and heal faster than those without same. Stress and emotional gyrations take their toll on divorcing individuals, so having one or more people to talk or vent to can be invaluable. For this reason we make a live chat room available through this site.

stableEmotional quotient

No matter how together you might be at the beginning of a divorce, you will onboard a whole lot of stress and anxiety before it is over. If you begin your recovery from a compromised emotional position, your ability to cope will likely worsen. Fear of the unknown is a major culprit. Be sure to educate yourself and explore your role in the failed relationship, as an honest understanding will provide a solid foundation for managing life over the balance of your life.

You can begin the process by becoming familiar with your state's laws. Building a bridge to better understanding should be a high priority. On a scale of 1 to 10, if 10 was bliss at the wedding, some will find themselves a 1 or 2 by the time the divorce is final. Since healing ordinarily begins after the divorce is final, it makes sense to give yourself a higher starting point to recover from. Becoming happy again is much more difficult from the depths of depression as opposed to recovery from a higher level of understanding. If you have children, create and track your custody agreement and reduce the chaos by using an online parenting plan today.

life experiencesLife experiences

Your experiences have a profound influence on how you develop and maintain relationships. During a divorce, with nerves exposed, your coping skills (or lack thereof) with the process and your divorcing spouse will get tested. Understanding the process and the laws greatly reduces the tendency of feeling like a meltdown is near. Visit our Divorce Articles section and read free articles written by Professionals.


If money was tight before the divorce was filed, it is likely to worsen. It is not unusual for one spouse to move money or assets away from the other, causing stress over paying the bills or simply surviving. Affording the tools (hiring a lawyer, using an online parenting plan, preparing for custody battles, etc.) can mean the difference between smooth sailing and crashing on the rocks. Do you know that you should never make agreements on dividing assets until you know how it will impact your taxes? Knowing about credit repair before you are divorced gives you a big advantage. Insurance after divorce may get tricky. Do you know the Social Security rules for divorced people? Will you be prepared? The wisest among us prepare in advance with strategies that provide them with a level playing field.

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