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D ivorce Recovery Suite, a About usprivately-held online commercial web site, is a community-based, resource-rich provider of divorce information and help, designed to empower individuals entering into or contemplating the process of divorce. Visitors have access to state-specific divorce statutes, an abridged interpretation of those laws, live interactive chat rooms and an interactive blog.

Divorce Recovery Suite operates on a best-efforts basis to keep current with the myriad of laws relative to the areas it covers, but cannot assure that at any one time any one section of this website has the latest, most up to date information. We recommend that in order to ensure that your information is current, you hire a professional.

DivorceRecoverySuite.com disclaims any responsibility for decisions made based on the information here. In other words, no guarantee of accuracy is implied, although we believe the topics we cover have received a reasonably thorough review. All content is provided as is.

We offer third-party resources on this site that we believe can assist visitors in a faster or more complete recovery from the divorce process. In some cases we are compensated with a small commission by that third-party should a visitor purchase a product.

Should you wish to contact us, please forward an message via our Contact Us page.

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