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I Interacting with Divorce Alt TextRecovery Suite (DRS) will, from time to time, necessitate its visitors provide personal information in order to use some or all of the the site, which may include interactive portions of the site. Any information provided to us by visitors will be stored and maintained in a secure and private manner.

We consider your registration information highly sensitive. We will maintain its confidentiality in a professional manner and will not disclose any portion of it to anyone unless requested by law enforcement as a part of an investigation, or required to do so by a court of law. We will neither rent, sell, nor share information you provide to us as a part of the registration process unless requested by law enforcement as part of an investigation, or required to do so by court order.


We have partnered with our web hosting company to provide safe, secure and encrypted storage of any sensitive information. We believe this should thwart attempts by unauthorized entities wishing to access our stored information by hacking or other electronic means. The rate of technological change continues at warp speed and we will endeavor to keep current with security measures. We cannot, however, guarantee that unauthorized access or disclosure of information will never occur. As of this date (7/2014), we do not have any areas that require credit card usage on this site. When that condition changes, we will amend this statement accordingly.

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