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A marriage annulment in Arkansas is a legal Annul your marriageprocess that terminates or voids an illegal marriage. The process is similar to a separation or dissolution (divorce) in that you must file a petition, serve your spouse, and prove grounds. Annulment requires a greater degree of proof than does a fault divorce. Grounds for an annulment include:

  • Fraud – marrying another by fraud or misrepresentation is a felony and is a legal ground for annulment according to Arkansas annulment laws
  • Duress – a marriage where one was under duress is grounds for an annulment in Arkansas
  • Bigamy – Arkansas annulment laws specifically prohibit bigamy, and it is a legal annulment ground, and
  • Consanguinity – one marrying another where they are too closely related is prohibited by Arkansas annulment laws

More than any other area of Family Law (with the possible exception of adoptions), annulments are the most challenging processes to see to fruition. Having an experienced attorney to help you navigate waters that are more suitable to maneuvering by feel rather than by strict interpretation of law. When you factor in the legal costs of an annulment, the alternative (a divorce) looks more appealing.

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How to file

You must file a petition for annulment (complaint for Annulment rulesannulment), serve your spouse with copies of your complaint and then have the court schedule a hearing during which you must provide evidence and facts that back up your assertion that the union should be voided.

Unlike divorces and separations, where a no-show by your spouse can result in a default judgment for you and the granting of most or all of your requests, if your spouse declines to appear after receiving a summons for an annulment hearing, you must still attend the hearing and still present your testimony in order to receive the annulment.

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