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Child Support

State laws mandate that child support be calculated using the Wisconsin model, also known as Percentage of Obligor Income, a formula that examines the non-custodial’s income and assigns an obligation based on a formula. Arkansas child support laws set forth that the income base will be the obligor’s after-tax income.

Income for the purposes of child support is defined in Arkansas as any form of payment including wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, workers’ compensation, disability, payments pursuant to a pension or retirement program, and interest. That income will be reduced by any of the following:

  • Federal and state income tax
  • Withholding for Social Security (FICA), Medicare, and railroad retirement
  • Medical insurance paid for dependent children; and
  • Presently paid support for other dependents by court order
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The state has an excellent Child Support Handbook, appropriately entitled: How to get Child Support. Spend some time reading it. We bet you will come away from it better informed.

Arkansas makes available a host of assistance to parents finding it difficult to receive child support from the other parent. In cases where a custodial parent is on public assistance and is due child support (Title IV-D of the Social Security Act), the state gets very aggressive in compelling parents to pay their child support.

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If you are in a position that does not allow you the ability to hire a lawyer and you are due support for your child, you should contact the state’s Office of Child Support Enforcement. They will assist in locating the other parent and applying various measures intended on forcing compliance.

Termination of Child Support and paying College Support – no case law or statute exists forcing parents to pay for college costs. The parents may arrange for support to continue in order to pay for college costs by agreement only.

Child Support Guidelines

Get an idea on what figures into the calculation of child support

Child Support Calculator

This state does not provide a child support calculator for its residents, but does make available a support estimation tool to approximate what may be due.

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