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Iowa has specific rules on getting an annulment. Spend a few minutes with a lawyer

Whether it’s called a marriage annulment or a marital annulment, the action is a legal process of terminating an illegal marriage. Marriage annulment laws vary from state to state. The process in Iowa is similar to a separation or dissolution (divorce) in that you must file a petition, serve your spouse, and prove grounds. Getting an annulment granted usually means the burden of proving your case before the court, as opposed to divorce, which ordinarily doesn’t go to trial. Annulment in Iowa requires a greater burden of proof than does a fault divorce. Iowa grounds for an annulment include:

  • Fraud – Marrying another by fraud or misrepresentation
  • Duress – a marriage where one party was under duress
  • Bigamy – one of the parties was still married to a third person when they entered into a new marriage
  • Consanguinity – one marrying another where they are too closely related (uncle, aunt, brother,sister, 1st cousins, etc.)

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