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A marriage annulment is a legal process where a party to a marriage petitions the court to have the marriage annulled, or rendered as never having existed. The court waves the magic legal wand and poof, it’s toast. The burden of proof is greater for an annulment than it is for a dissolution (divorce). In an annulment proceeding, the petitioner must prove the annulment claim with evidence (often with witnesses and exhibits). Grounds for annulment in Kansas include:

  • Fraud or misrepresentation – your spouse has misrepresented him or herself to get married with you
  • Bigamy – If your spouse was already married when she/he married when s/he married you
  • Impotency – unable to consummate the marriage
  • Consanguinity – marrying people too closely related to you (brothers, sister, aunt, uncles, etc), and
  • Mental disability – if your spouse is mentally disabled beyond cure
In most cases, it makes sense to have a lawyer schooled in Kansas family law help you through the process.

Prohibited marriages that qualify for an annulment: 1. incestuous – includes ancestor and descendant, sister and brother, aunt and nephew, uncle and niece, first cousins – and 2. same sex partners.

[Kansas Statutes – Chapter 60 – Article 16 – Subject: 1602]

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