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Annulments in Michigan happen when the filer has suitable grounds and provides proof to the court. You can ask a lawyer about specifics

Michigan does provide for certain grounds for a marriage annulment (also called a marital annulment or a divorce annulment) such as a party having a current spouse, one of the parties not being of sufficient age, being mentally incompetent, having venereal disease, or being sterile or impotent.

The process is similar to a divorce, except that one must prove in some detail why there are grounds for annulment. Annulments are issued for marriages that never should have been. If there has been concealment, or the marriage was the result of a joke or dare, it can be annulled.

If you claim you were forced or defrauded into marriage, make sure there is no cohabitation after you file. That will terminate your action.

If you claim physical incapacity as a ground, you must bring an action within two years of your marriage.

[Michigan Compiled Laws – Section: 552.34, 551.1, 552.29–.30]

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