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File for Annulment

Need to know whether you qualify for an annulment or not? Talk to an attorney to determine what kind of divorce you can get

In state law, a marriage annulment (sometimes called a marital annulment) declares a marriage null and void. One needs to petition the court much like a divorce or separation, and be able to prove that one of more of the acceptable grounds for annulment have been present in your marriage. An annulment will be granted for:

  • Fraud and Duress – you have been cheated, threatened or forced into a marriage
  • Mental Illness – If your spouse has permanent or temporary mental illness
  • Impotency – You can file for annulment if your spouse is impotent
  • Consanguinity – marital relations between close relatives
  • Existence of a prior marriage, and
  • Under influence of alcohol or drugs

[Mississippi Code – 93-1-1, 93-7-1–93-7-5]

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