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Missouri annulment laws define marriage annulment as a decree passed for a marriage which is void or a marriage which never was. One must petition the court in the same way one would for divorce or separation, except that an annulment carries a greater burden of proof. You must cite an acceptable ground for annulment, and provide evidence to the court. Acceptable grounds for annulment (sometimes referred to as a marital annulment) in Missouri are:

  • Duress – compelling someone to get married under violence or threat
  • Mental Illness – annulment laws in Missouri allow you to file for annulment if your spouse is mentally incapacitated
  • Improper consent – person was not of a right mind to agree to marry
  • Underage Marriage – one of the parties was under the age of 15
  • Impotency – unable to consummate the marriage
  • Same-sex marriage, and
  • Bigamy – one party was married when they entered your marriage
If there is a chance your Ex will try to manipulate you or the kids with the visitation schedule, put an on-line Parenting Plan in place. Nothing stops the game-playing like a schedule in black and white. Simply tell your Ex that in order for the schedule to be changed, it must be discussed and agreed to; otherwise it is not changing.

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