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Annulment in Nebraska

 Divorced Families Co parentingMarriage annulment is the courts decree that the marriage never existed or is void or invalid. In order to receive an annulment in Nebraska, one needs to petition the court, cite grounds for the annulment, and provide proof of those grounds. Grounds for annulment in Nebraska include:

  • Bigamy – someone married while already married to another
  • Mental Illness – your spouse is mentally ill and there is little or no hope for recovery
  • Consanguinity – marrying someone too closely related e.g. parents, Uncles, Aunts, sons, in-laws, etc.
  • Underage Marriage – married under the age of 15, and
  • Fraud and Duress – either were threatened or forced into a marriage
Any of these grounds will, upon proof, place your marriage in a position for marital annulment. You must file annulment papers in the district court of the county in which you live. In cases where there is property that was acquired during the marriage, the court will try to restore property to the original owner, or attempt to divide it fairly.

[Nebraska Statutes – Chapter 42 – Sections: 103, 118, 374, 377]

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