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Q. Do divorce laws in New York State mandate that mediation Child custody strategiesor counseling be a part of a typical divorce?
Mediation and/or counseling is, of course, always available privately. The family courts will order the parties to either if it feels the parties will benefit from it. New York, at the conclusion of the proceeding for dissolution, does make the parties aware of an educational course on how divorce affects children, but that course is entirely optional.

Q. I’m all alone (besides my children) and don’t know how I’ll get through getting divorced, and I don’t know if I can do the shared parenting time thing. I can’t afford counseling. Where do I turn?
We all need some help processing all this angst. If counseling is out, this site has a Divorce Bookstore sponsored by, where you can find affordable books on parenting time, kids and divorce, shared custody, parental rights, custody battles, joint custody, co-parenting, child visitation, how to be divorced, life after a separation and just about every consideration pertaining to being divorced. Spend some time and a few bucks to help yourself get through this nightmare in one piece.

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