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 Divorced Families Co parenting An annulment in this state is more difficult to achieve than it is in other states, and in those other states it isn’t normally an easy process. One must file a petition, cite valid grounds for annulment, serve your partner, and go through the difficult process of proving your allegations.

Grounds for an annulment include:
  • Consanguinity (or incest) – where the party married a person too closely related
  • Underage – either party was younger than 16 at the time of the marriage
  • Bigamy -either party was lawfully married to another at the time of marriage
  • Impotency – if either was at the time of the marriage physically impotent, and if either party now is
  • Mental Defect – Incapable of understanding what they were doing at the time of marriage. In addition
Looking for annulment or divorce forms? All divorce or separation processes require that you gather all relevant forms, fill them out correctly and file the forms as directed by the court. The most efficient way to get them in front of you is to download the divorce forms, complete with instructions that hand-hold you through the process.
False pregnancy

If a marriage took place with an understanding that the wife is pregnant, and there occurred a separation within 45 days of that marriage, and the couple lived apart for a year, and no child was born within 10 months of that separation, an annulment may be granted.

[North Carolina Statutes – Chapter 50 – Sections: 11.1, 51-1.2, 2, 3]

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