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A judicial decree of marriage annulment (sometimes referred to as a marital annulment) cancels the marriage, almost as though it never occurred. Many people incorrectly believe that annulment is available when the marriage is of very short duration or if the parties have not yet consummated the marriage. An annulment is the ending-up of an already void marriage. Under Oregon divorce law you must meet one of the following narrow qualifications in order to be eligible for an annulment:

  • Fraud or Duress – According to Oregon annulment laws, entering a marriage under duress or threat is a valid annulment ground. The same holds true for fraud or misrepresentation. In these claimed situations, petitions for Oregon annulment will be legal
  • Mental Illness – When your spouse is mentally ill, be it partially or completely, you can obtain an annulment under Oregon annulment laws
  • Underage Marriages – Teenagers below the age of consent (age 18) are grounds for annulment, and
  • Physical Infirmity – Unable to consummate the marriage

In situations where fraud was used to coerce one of the parties to marry the other, the coerced party may lose the right to claim fraud as a ground for annulment if that person continues to live with the other partner after discovery of the fraud.

[Oregon Statutes – Volume 2 – Sections: 107.005, 107.015]

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