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Parenting Plans

In any proceeding to establish or Parenting plansmodify a judgment providing for parenting time with a child, a parenting plan must be developed and submitted to the court. The plan can be general or detailed, but must cover the following:

  • Residential schedule
  • Holiday, birthday and vacation planning
  • Weekends, including holidays, and school in-service days preceding or following weekends
  • Decision-making and responsibility
  • Information sharing and access
  • Relocation of parents
  • Telephone access
  • Transportation; and
  • Methods for resolving disputes.

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Having an on-line Parenting Plan will give your ex no wiggle room to interfere with scheduled activities. Be in control of the kids schedule. Will the Ex manipulate you with the kids’ schedule? Put the parenting plan online.

Modifying a parenting time order can be accomplished when a notarized stipulation request signed by both parents requesting modification is submitted to the court.

Modifying a parenting time order when the other parent objects – like any other court action, you must file a petition to modify a judgment relating to parenting time and have the other parent served with notice. A hearing will be scheduled, at which time the petitioner must provide proof that the other parent has interfered with or denied without good cause the exercise of the parent’s parenting time rights. The respondent parent will have an opportunity to respond to the allegation(s) and to provide his or her own evidence. The court will weigh the presentations, and issue a ruling on the petition.

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