Pennsylvania Divorce Guide


Like other states, Pennsylvania divorce laws allow for void and voidable marriages to receive marriage annulments when they qualify. Marriages are void and qualify for a marital annulment if one of the parties was already married, they were too closely related, some mental incapacity existed, or the parties were below 18 years of age. Marriages are generally voidable if any of the following conditions were present:

  • under 16 years of age at the time of marriage
  • either party was intoxicated and one of you initiated the petition within 60 days of the marriage
  • impotency
  • fraud
  • duress, coercion or force were used to secure the marriage
  • consanguinity – marrying mother, father, sister, brother, first cousins, etc.

[Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes - Title 23 - Sections: 4322]

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